Naval Station Mayport +

NS Mayport, Florida >> Bldg.1338 Plumbing Installation


Two story commercial new plumbing installation.

Robins Air Force Base +

Robins AFB, Georgia >> Bldg.140 Watermain and Backflow Preventer Installation


Furnished and installed two 6”and two 4” RPZ backflow preventors and 2100 linear feet of 4” copper water piping.

Water Filtration System +

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Brunswick, GA


Furnished and installed six Electrochemical Calcium removal units to filter condenser water at two separate chiller facilities.

Bldg. 680 Remodel +

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Brunswick, GA


Complete new plumbing installation for Bldg. 680.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Sodium Hypochlorite System +

NS Mayport » Water Treatment Plant / Waste Water Treatment Plant Sodium Hypochlorite System


Converted existing water and waste water chlorine gas system to liquid sodium hypochlorite system to include installation of 3150 gallon poly processing storage tanks, all associated chemical piping, electrical service, and control wiring at Jacksonville’s Naval Station Mayport and NAS Jacksonville.

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Bldg.64 and 65 +

Complete commercial plumbing installation for two three story administration buildings.

NAS Jacksonville Bldg.2080 Clinic Restroom Renovations +

Complete renovation of the men’s and women’s public restrooms within the hospital clinic including new tile, interior finishes, millwork, lighting, plumbing fixtures and trim.

Baymont Inns & Suites +

Installed two Natural Gas A.O. Smith Cyclone domestic hot water heaters with associated piping and venting.

NAS Facilities Jacksonville, Florida +

Install Natural Gas A.O. Smith Cyclone domestic hot water heaters with associated piping and venting in building 640 and building 11.

NAS Jacksonville, Florida +

Replacement of existing potable water mechanical hot water mixing valves with new electronic mixing stations by Armstrong to branch medical and dental clinics for Kings Bay, Key West, NAS Jacksonville, and NS Mayport.


Air Start Compressor Installation +

NAS Jacksonville » Air Start Compressor Installation


Furnished and installed two package air start systems for jet engine testing. Included electrical installation, system controls, compressed air piping and concrete foundation work at Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

Naval Air Station Jacksonville +

NAS Jacksonville, Florida >> Bldg. 2109B JP-5 Piping


Install new stainless- steel JP-5 piping, Thermal relief valves, valve actuators, sight glasses, filter separators, automatic air vents, fuel water tank and fuel quality monitors. Included 100% RT/PT/VT for all welds.

FRCSE Nitrogen Booster Installation


Furnish and installed two Sauer Nitrogen Compressors, enclosure, electrical components, and stainless- steel piping.

Bldg. 964 Cooling Tower Installation


Furnished and install one Marley counter-flow cooling tower with associated pipe, valves, condenser pumps and Reverse Osmosis water filtration system.

Bioact Dewax Process Line +

NAS Jacksonville » Bioact Dewax Process Line


Installed a process line to remove protective wax coating for specific aircraft components. Included fabrication of stainless steel vats, steam coils, water recycle system, storage tanks, steam and steam condensate piping, controls and structural steel modifications at the Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

Cathedral Gerontology Center +

Cathedral Gerontology Center Jacksonville, Florida >> Chiller Plant Upgrade


Installed new water- cooled chiller furnished by the owner. Project included new chilled water pumps and associated piping.

Mayport Naval Station Fire Training Facility +

Refurbish 2- Ransome Manufacturing water-bath LP gas vaporizers to include structural steel replacement, sheet metal jacketing and epoxy coatings.

Naval Station Mayport +

NS Mayport, Florida >> Bldg.1343 HVAC Renovation


Furnished and installed new 52 Ton Trane chiller and associated valves and piping.

Fire Department Headquarters +

City of Jacksonville Fire Department Headquarters, Jacksonville, FL

Replaced existing chiller with 150 ton Carrier chiller with associated piping, valves and fittings.

Cecil Commerce Center +

Cecil Commerce Center, Jacksonville, FL >> Bldg.1845 HVAC Design Build


Project included installation of new air handling units, 30-ton air cooled chiller, chilled water piping, chilled water pumps, hot water pumps, two condensing boilers, and hot water piping.

Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay +

NSB, Kings Bay, Georgia >> Replace Effluent Filters WWTP


Project included replacing two effluent filter systems at the Upper Base Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Robins Air Force Base +

Robins AFB, Georgia >> Bldg.2051 HVAC Chiller Replacement


Furnished and installed two new Ascend 225 ton air cooled chillers and chilled water pumps.

Air Handler Units +

St. Johns Cathedral Episcopal Church, Jacksonville, FL


Replaced seven existing Air Handlers and associated piping, valves and fittings.

Boiler Installation +

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Brunswick, GA » Boiler Installation


Furnished and installed twenty-one condensing boilers and two 150 HP steam boilers with associated pumps, gas, water and steam piping.

HVAC Piping and DWV System +

Cathedral Gerontology Center, Jacksonville, FL » HVAC Piping and DWV System


Converted existing HVAC piping system from a two pipe to a four pipe system to include new heating hot water and chilled water piping, valves, fittings and pumps. Total replacement of the existing cast iron DWV system in the entire facility.

Plumbing and Process Piping Installation +

Hanson Roof Tile Plant, Sanderson, FL » Plumbing and Process Piping Installation


Provided new plumbing installation, process piping, natural gas piping, compressed air piping, chemical process piping, HVAC installation and outside utilities for a 200,000 square foot concrete roof tile production plant in Sanderson, Florida.


Interior Renovation +

NAS Jacksonville Hospital » Interior Renovation


Renovated existing interior space to create new command suite. Project included HVAC, controls, acoustical ceilings, interior walls, doors, floor covering.

Blount Island Marine Base +

Blount Island Facility, Jacksonville FL >> Construction of Command Police Training Facility


Project included concrete foundation work, Pre-Engineered Building, Interior Build-out, HVAC, and Exterior Site Improvements.

Window Replacement +

NAS Jacksonville Hospital » Window Replacement


Replaced existing windows throughout eight stories of the main hospital building for Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

Naval Air Station Jacksonville +

NAS Jacksonville, Florida >> Bldg. 110 Second and Third Floor Warehouse Renovation


Renovation of warehouse space to accommodate new vendors. Project included buildout and construction of office space, restrooms, and storage space. Construct new walls, door construction, acoustical ceilings, plumbing, and mechanical installation.

Bldg. 27 Fleet and Family Renovation


Build-out and renovation to reconfigure space for the Fleet and Family Support Services. Project included constructing 46 new offices, 2 breakrooms, 2 conference rooms, and 2 classrooms. Construct new walls, acoustical ceilings, acoustical doors, painting, millwork, windows, and exterior awnings.

Bldg. 2080 Fire Door Deficiencies


Upgraded and installed new doors and hardware at various locations throughout NAS Jacksonville hospital to remedy existing fire door deficiencies.

FRCSE Admin Building


Complete buildout of administration building for the Fleet Readiness Center Southeast. Project includes wall framing, Gypsum wall board, painting, flooring, doors, windows, and millwork.

Bldg. 936 Crash House Door Installation


Retrofit of existing fire station to receive new airfield vehicles. Project included selective demolition to the exterior walls, new concrete footings, structural steel beams and columns, steel ramps, cast-in- place walls, concrete ramps, and overhead door installation.

Building 101U Modifications & Equipment +

NAS Jacksonville » Building 101U Modifications and Equipment


Remodeled sector to create a “Clean Room” facility in Building 101U at Naval Air Station Jacksonville. Gateway Contracting was responsible for the complete renovation, purchase/installation of all equipment required for the Clean Room. Equipment included Environmental Chamber, vibration table, air shower, air compressor and dryer, high purity air system, and (80) work stations. Renovations included new tenant floor coating, construction of new clean room walls, ceiling and high purity ventilation system, installation of new FRP paneling, installation of new VAV boxes and associated duct work, HVAC controls and interior plumbing.

Kings Bay Naval Base Marine +

Kings Bay, Georgia >> Obstacle Course


Complete demolition of existing Marine Obstacle Course and installed new obstacle course. Project included demolition, re-grading site, site improvements and water run-off, rubber mulch installation, and construction of twenty-five new marine timber obstacles.

Blount Island Marine Facility Jacksonville Florida +

Constructed concrete foundations with reinforced concrete slabs and concrete driveway ramps for new sprung shelters at Bldg.’s 346T and 811T.

Kings Bay Naval Base +

Kings Bay, Georgia >> SWFLANT Patrol Rd. Turn-Around Project


Construction of three turn around locations for patrol vehicles at the waterfront. Project included Civil grade work, utility relocations, and concrete construction.

St. Mary’s Gate Replacement


Removed and replaced entrance gate at the St. Mary’s entrance to Kings Bay Submarine Gate. Project included upgrading existing security measures per UFC guidelines, which included: replacing 30’ cantilever gate, constructing nineteen new “dead men” at various locations, and installing new vehicle barrier system.

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Brunswick Georgia +

Construction of the new Customs and Border Patrol Bldg.’s 109 A&B


Work included Site Utility, Carpentry, Plumbing, Drywall Installation, Flooring, Glass, Door Installation, and Painting.

Naval Station Key West +

Key West, Florida >> Marine Raider Training Facility


Project included the renovation and build-out of three existing training and sleeping quarters for the Marine Raiders. Constructed walls, gypsum wall board, millwork, metal doors, storefront doors and windows, restroom accessories, floor barriers, plumbing and mechanical installation.

Container Maintenance Corporation 10470 Alta Drive Jacksonville Florida +

Total office renovation to include interior finishes, cabinetry, doors, flooring, acoustical ceilings, painting, lighting, HVAC equipment and plumbing.

Naval Station Mayport +

NS Mayport, Florida >> Bldg. 1333 Renovation


Complete upgrade and renovation of offices and ADA restrooms for training facility at Naval Station Mayport. Project included demolition, selective foundation construction, framing, gypsum wall board, Level five wall finishes, acoustical ceilings, and restroom accessories.

Patrick Air Force Base +

Patrick AFB, Florida >> Pool Pump House Renovation


Complete re-build of existing pool pump house. Project consisted of demolition of entire pool pump house, new foundation, reinforced pump pads, new CMU block walls, new doors, stucco, gypsum wall board, painting, and exterior site improvements.

Hangar 124 Eastside Renovations +

NAS Jacksonville » Hangar 124 Eastside Renovations


Complete interior renovation of the east sector of Hangar 124 at NAS JAX. Renovations included demolition and reconstruction of interior walls, millwork, interior finishes, acoustical ceilings, flooring, and painting.

Blount Island Marine Facility +

Blount Island Marine Facility » Galley Upgrades


Interior renovation of the galley cafeteria. Renovations included new flooring, painting, acoustical ceiling, millwork, countertops, plumbing and electrical.

NAS Jacksonville Vet Clinic +

NAS Jacksonville Vet Clinic » Exam Room Alterations


Altered existing layout of exam rooms. Alterations included the installation and re-location of interior walls, doors, acoustical ceiling, and cabinets. Re-location of HVAC duct work and electrical. Finishes included painting, installation of new FRP, and ceramic tile.

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